Gin Tonic 101, 6 and Q

I used to only drink gin in the summertime, because it smells like bug spray. But hey, it also smells like Christmas trees so I’ve allowed my seasonal drinking habits to expand. My taste for gin also expanded when I was recently introduced to this lovely gin from the North Shore Distillery, which is located in Chicago, where they hand-craft each batch. Yum!! This batch, Distiller’s Gin No. 6, is a fascinating bottle of aromas and spirits, like juniper berries and lavender! I wanted to take a bath in this stuff but I drank it instead. I was also pleasantly surprised to taste this special Q Tonic, that didn’t interfere with the lovely and aromatic qualities of the gin itself. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this simple combination as well, and why not with a little Jobim and Astrud, which is equally romantic and floral. I chose is song for many reasons, but it really always sounded like she was singing Gin Gee instead of Dindi…go figure. I’ll still think about gin.